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Spots are limited! Register today for FREE yoga on Lake Travis!

Located at Windy Point Park on Lake Travis


  • FREE outdoor yoga class on Lake Travis as the sun sets – hosted by yoga instructor Nora Jeanne Welsh.
  • FREE post-yoga cocktails provided by Fox & Seeker Distillery and Wonderlust speakeasy cocktail club! 


  • What:  Sunset Yoga & Cocktails
  • When:  Each Thursday starting September 15, 2022
  • Start Time:  Approximately 6:45pm (see specific date for start time!)
  • Where: Windy Point Park on Lake Travis
    • 6506 Bob Wentz Park Rd.
    • Austin, TX 78732


Sunset Yoga & Cocktails is a free yoga series taking place at Windy Point Park over the course of seven (7) weeks. The start time of each class will be set so that you can enjoy the sunset as the class takes place! You can join one class or all seven!

Nora Jeanne Welsh will address the importance of the healthy flow of energy in your 7 main chakras, focusing on one in particular each week. She’ll teach you with clear instructions through postures and guided meditation in a 45-60 minute class. Beginner and experienced yoga participants welcome!

  • 9/15/22: Root chakra | governs the physicality of our bodies and the manifestation of the reality we’re living | when it’s healthy we feel grounded, safe and secure with a sense of belonging.
  • 9/22/22: Sacral chakra | governs our emotional/energetic bodies  the 5 physical senses | when it’s healthy our creative energies flow and our clairsentience (ability to feel energy) is heightened 
  • 9/29/22: Solar Plexus | governs our energy distribution system and is the seat of our power | when it’s healthy our will is fully aligned with our desired end result 
  • 10/6/22: Heart Chakra | governs our affinity with Self and others |  it’s the center of the 7 chakras and when healthy we’re fully aligned with Spirit and love, healing and acceptance reign
  • 10/13/22: Throat Chakra | governs our self expression and creative channels | when healthy we’re comfortable speaking and expressing our truth and clairaudience (clear hearing) is heightened
  • 10/20/22: 3rd Eye Chakra | governs our ability to use our imagination and envision our future | when healthy our  clairvoyance (clear seeing) is heightened and we can use a neutral state to view the energies of the present and future and set it into motion
  • 10/27/22: Crown Chakra | governs our ability to tap into and connect with the spiritual realms and All-That-Is | when healthy we have a clear channel with Spirit and our knowingness takes over


You bet! Complimentary post-yoga refreshments include:

  • (2) themed cocktails (choice of vodka or gin-based)
  • (2) themed non-alcoholic mocktails (non-alcoholic)
  • Kangen water provided by

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