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Fox & Seeker Distilled Goods Crafts Unique Spirits with Local Ingredients

“We’re blessed to be in a position where we can try to make this happen and make our little dent in the world."

Sean Anger spent most of his career in manufacturing. So when he and his wife, Michelle, opened Fox & Seeker Distilled Goods in October 2020, even he was surprised.

“I never would have thought it would come to this, but it’s truly a dream come true,” Anger said.

While the distillery specializes in producing Texas vodka, London dry gin, Texas whiskey and Meridian gin, Anger’s passion for creating spirits arose more than a decade ago after he brewed his first batch of Octoberfest beer at his house.

According to Anger, Fox & Seeker specializes in craft distilled spirits that emphasize the company’s motto, “Grain to Glass,” which entails using locally-sourced ingredients to distill its own alcohol instead of buying it pre-made.

“It’s very abnormal to see a 100% grain-to-glass distillery, but we believe that sets us apart,” Anger said. “Everything is done in-house, so every drop in that bottle came from Texas, including the grain.”

Anger pointed to the distillery’s Meridian gin as its most popular product, noting the item received a 90 out of 100 rating from Wine Enthusiasts Magazine, which he said made it only the second Texas-made gin to score 90 or higher.

According to Anger, opening the distillery in the midst of a global pandemic came with its share of challenges. He noted that startup distilleries often lean heavily on restaurants to feature their spirits, but COVID-19 made that process more difficult.

“COVID[-19] provided a lot of challenges in … convincing restaurants and bars to pick up a new brand when they’re struggling just to keep people in house,” Anger said.

Eventually, Anger said he was able to get his products into more bars and restaurants as staffing shortages began to ease, although he noted some of Fox & Seeker’s spirits are only sold at the distillery.

One of the distillery’s more unique items is the age-your-own-whiskey kit, which Anger said comes with a scaled-down oak barrel that allows buyers to add their own ingredients and age whiskey at home. Tours can also be booked for $10 per person.

Looking to the future, Anger said the distillery’s equipment is capable of producing three times the amount of alcohol that is currently being made, meaning the company will be able to grow into its existing facility for several years.

“We’re blessed to be in a position where we can try to make this happen and make our little dent in the world,” he said.


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