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we dive deeper, so you don’t have to

Be a Seeker.

Our Name

Rarely do you see tradition and innovation collaborate. Much like the interdependent constraints of balancing quality and cost, there is typically a tradeoff of one for the other. At Fox & Seeker, the Fox represents tradition; the Seeker represents innovation. We dare to embark down a path that embraces both, extracting the best of each, and gently weaving them into world-class spirits. You won’t find your great grandpa’s mash bill at Fox & Seeker, but you will find his mindset, his inspiration, and his unending drive to bring value to his family and friends. In this ethos, we dive deeper than anyone else to understand our raw materials, our customers, our equipment, and our own passion. We develop spirits that reflect our passion to you, in hopes you may be inspired to celebrate tradition as a Seeker, yourself.

We dive deeper so you don’t have to.  Be a Seeker!

Tradition (the Fox)

Represents a pastime handed down through generations, rarely bucked by new and shiny fads. There’s beauty in tradition – its consistency, anticipation, and celebrated memories.

Innovation (the Seeker)

A disruptor and change agent. Always forward-thinking and never settling for what the masses say it should be. Transcendent of industry or product, innovation is a mindset that aims for improvement at a minimum, but perfection in its purest form.

Grain to Glass

A foundation rooted in Texas heritage

Everything you use, see, touch, and interact with was made somewhere. As the United States and World economy have grown over the decades, business models have shifted to favor scalability and low-cost, leading to centralized, high-volume manufacturing. For things like dental floss, this is great. For things like distilled spirits, it’s uninspired.

Like other industries, agriculture and ‘big liquor’ have centralized into a select few large companies that provide 80% of the products available in retail, regardless of the brand advertised on the label. While this model keeps costs low, it leaves a majority of farmers – our neighbors – producing for niche markets like hog feed on very slim margins.

Consider the traditions and recipes that have been handed down through generations in your family. In the same way, Texas farmers have grown grains for generations on family farms, but today struggle to compete with ‘big ag’. The market dynamics leave a looming question over the future of these farms – will they be able to pass it down to future generations?

This is where we fit in.

We avoid the large, centralized, highly industrial farming enterprises and make it a priority to celebrate the work that Texas farmers put into their craft. Every bottle of Fox & Seeker spirits starts with grain exclusively sourced from Texas farmers. As such, our spirits reflect the nature of the season. While we have strict quality standards for incoming grain, each harvest is different, meaning we’re able to highlight the previous season’s climate every time you pour a glass. Every field has a flavor – it’s our goal to showcase it for you.

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