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Our customers aren’t known to be followers, so we felt it was irresponsible to make a Vodka that was anything other than disruptive.

Fox & Seeker’s Texas Vodka is unlike any vodka you have tasted before. We’ve gone above and beyond to bring something truly unique to the market – something that will open eyes. This is not a mass-produced Vodka sourced from the Upper Midwest – there is plenty of that already available in Texas-branded bottles. Rather, we blend Texas-grown Yellow Dent Corn with Soft Red Winter Wheat to create a unique Vodka with depth and character. Our Vodka is never processed post-distillation because we don’t make anything that needs to be “cleaned up” – no charcoal filtering, no back-sweetening.

Tasting Notes

Spirit Profile

Our Grains

  • Texas-grown Yellow Dent Corn
  • Texas-grown Soft Red Winter Wheat

What to Expect

  • Nose: Vanilla, Orange, Grain
  • Palate: Light grain sweetness on the front disappears quickly to a long finish for a vodka, where the vanilla and citrus from the grain leave a lasting impression.

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