Our Spirits

Painstakingly hand-distilled in Houston, TX

Translating aspirations to reality requires a commitment to quality ingredients and a consistent process. Each of our spirits combine a deep respect for tradition with modern distillation techniques to produce a spirit that reflects a descript sense of place. When you sip our spirits, you’re experiencing the hard work Texas farmers put into their fields each year. We hope you enjoy our spirits as much as we do. Check out our location finder or visit our distillery to connect with the Texas terroir.

Single Barrel & Hand Distilled

Bourbon Whiskey

A bourbon that is truly greater than the sum of its parts, our bourbon captures the essence of the grain and region from which they derive.

Award winning

Meridian Gin

What if you could bottle a moment? The fleeting beauty of sunbeams kissing fields of Texas bluebonnets, the Spring air fresh and full of nature’s revival.  Botanicals picked at the peak of perfection, distilled for you to discover a flavor that blossoms.

Texas Born & raised

London Dry Gin

Botanical expressions to enliven your senses with a smoothness to delight your palate. This is gin at its finest, unveiled only through the most progressive distilling techniques.

That Other Texas Vodka ™

Texas Vodka

Surrounded by the majesty of Texas, the never-ending skies and the open lands, we found the inspiration to make this modern Texas Vodka. Vodka with unlimited possibilities.

Discovery Series

by Fox & Seeker

Our Discovery Series of innovative spirits are single-batch, limited release items. They’re available only at our distillery, so schedule a time to tour with us and discover something new!


Bourbon Barrel Aged Meridian

What happens when you take ex-bourbon barrels and let them hold an award-winning gin?

Locked away in the staves of the barrel are notes of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch from the whiskey. This over-proofed gin worked for 10 weeks to unlock the beauty of these flavors. We used Houston’s own Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon barrels in this creation – It’s a Houston collaboration unlike anything on the market.

The result is reminiscent of coffee cake and cream soda on the nose. On the palate, you get a satisfying combination of hibiscus, rosemary, and vanilla ice cream. The sweetness is brought into balance with subtle oak tannins on the back. Cream soda rests beautifully on the palate after your sip,

Bourbon Barrel Aged Meridian is a delicacy, best-served as an after-dinner treat, in the original Martinez cocktail, or as a modern twist on an old fashioned.

750mL, 50.0%abv, 100 proof

Distillery Only

Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

Our highly anticipated age your own whiskey kits make a great gift for the whiskey lover in your life! Select your choice of grain bill. Tasting notes below are on the unaged whiskey – before the barrel influences the flavor.
  • Grain Bill BBN-01 (Triticale)
    • 58% Yellow Dent Corn – Grown in Denton, TX
    • 26% Triticale – Grown in Sunray, TX
    • 16% Blend of 6-row / 2-row Barley – Grown in Vega, TX
    • Tasting Notes: Cinnamon and orange dominate the palate with a long, unique sweet cinnamon finish.
  • Grain Bill BBN-02 (Wheat)
    • 58% Yellow Dent Corn – Grown in Denton, TX
    • 26% Wheat – Grown in Denton, TX
    • 16% Blend of 6-row / 2-row Barley – Grown in Vega, TX
    • Tasting Notes: Doughy, vanilla, and sweet notes bring forth a gentle new make with a viscous mouthfeel and medium finish of toasted bread.

Distillery Only

Experimental Vodka

All vodka is the same, right? Flavorless? Odorless? Think again.

Our Experimental Vodka highlights the versatility of the vodka segment. We used the same grains, fermentation temps, and distillation parameters as our Texas Vodka, but we used a different strain of yeast to undertake the job of fermentation. A brewer will tell you the yeast makes the beer. Why does that concept not carry into Vodka? Now it does.

We chose to make our Experimental Vodka with a yeast strain typically used to ferment on fruits – brandies. The result is a pleasant, tropical nose, creamy mouthfeel, and short, rounded finish. Compare it side by side That Other Texas Vodka and you will never fall for the notion that all vodka is the same.

750mL, 41.0%abv, 82 proof

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