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Written by David Tatchin - The Tribune

Written by David Tatchin - The Tribune

Local Distillery Offers Enticing Liquors, Receives Accolades

Inspired by home brewing years ago, Sean Anger, co-owner of Fox & Seeker Distillery, is proud to share the story behind his newly opened business.

“My co-founder, Andrew Thompson, and I met here in Houston; we wanted to create a distillery that fosters a sense of community around food and drink. We also wanted to preserve control over the process, making a better product,” said Anger. The Humble distillery is new; it has only been in production for 11 months and has only been distributing product for four months.

Currently, the facility manufactures vodka, gin and whiskey (which is currently aging).

“Our grain-to-glass process sources 100% Texas grains from Texas farmers, which we mash, ferment, distill and bottle everything in our distillery,” said Anger.

This process is unique to the industry, as many young distilleries procure already-produced alcohol and repackage it under their own label. Anger believes that this careful process separates Fox & Seeker distillery; it is this attention to detail and innovation that delivers a high-quality product and allows customers to have a new perspective on certain liquors. He compared the process as equivalent to “a pizza chain that makes its own pizza.” Additionally, he mentioned that this unique approach allows customers to try new drinks — three quarters of the distillery’s customers say they never tried gin before.

Several of the distillery’s liquors have won awards due to the control and care that it has. Fox & Seeker has already received international acclaim – its London Dry Gin won a silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and its Meridian Gin was rated a 90/100 by the Wine Enthusiast.

Customers who visit the distillery will be able to taste a variety of liquors and a tasting room is available. Customers can purchase any liquor of their choice straight from the distillery. Each month, a new product is released that is only served in the distillery and the focus is always on an uncommon product. Outside of serving visiting customers, the distillery works with local businesses that serve and sell alcohol to sell its products.

Anger has no plans on keeping the distillery localized and small. He discussed the future vision of Fox & Seeker.

“Within the next two years of operation, we plan to expand operations in Texas, and ultimately, we hope to become a nationwide brand. We have a special product and a lot of room for growth, and we are excited to see what the future holds.”

The facility is located just to the east of George Bush Airport near the Beltway 8 and 59 interchange. For more information about the distillery visit its Facebook: @Fox & Seeker, its Instagram: @Fox_and_Seeker, or its Twitter: @foxandseeker.

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