Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Reflections on Launch

Who we are, what we're about, and why we're doing this?

Business Plan….Check

Brand Name and Logo….Check

Website and social media…Check

Make great spirits and wow the world….Pending

Nice! We’re almost there!

Or maybe not. More like this journey is just getting started. It turns out there’s a bit more to launching a distillery than logos and websites.

Over the past few days, Fox & Seeker Distilled Goods has begun to introduce itself to the Houston community and beyond. Between the recent article in The Leader (Houston’s 1st Ward newspaper) and the roll out of our new website & social media pages, F&S is no longer lurking in the background, waiting for its chance. It’s time for a proper introduction to who we are and what we want to be.

The basics can be found elsewhere on the website, but here’s what you need to know. We’re young, we’re hungry, and we plan to build the leading distillery in Houston. That’s an ambitious goal and turning that aspiration into reality will be a monumental challenge. But we accept the challenge and believe that Houston is ready for a distillery producing high quality, 100% in-house produced spirits.

We have a long road ahead of us. Over the next six months we will be completing our construction, taking delivery of our equipment, finalizing permits, and completing countless other small tasks it takes to open a distillery.

Two of our core values are transparency and authenticity. Buzzwords are all well and good, but we look forward to showing you that we mean what we say. We plan on sharing our journey with each of you, providing a full access, behind the curtain into what it takes to build this brand.

This journal will be a mix of topics. Our history & inspiration, the basics of brewing & distilling, and most importantly sharing the journey of the turning our plan into reality.

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