Analise Thompson

Analise Thompson

Why Gin?

I discovered the traditional Gin and Tonic and it was the beginning of a love affair!

Why gin? After growing up in the Northeast where the traditional drink was a Manhattan for my family, I moved south. Very south. Somehow someone gave me a Tom Collins on a hot summer day…it was refreshing, I almost forgot how much I was sweating. After a few iteration, I discovered the traditional Gin and Tonic. It was the beginning of a love affair.

After a few years in the military, both my husband and I got out with huge aspiration in the corporate world. Neither one of use was really satisfied, so I started thinking about things in life that I love…Gin was one of them. I figured, why not. Let’s try it. After years of pushing my husband, we endeavored down the “Spirited” path.

Spirits have always been in my life. I can’t remember a family occasion without a pitcher of Manhattans or after dinner cocktails. Not that the family was alcoholic, it was just something we did together. It was life. My dad grew up in a New York Bar, so I think it was an extension of that. My mother never drank. Maybe she’ll try a Fox & Seeker drink.

My dream for Fox & Seeker is to really inspire people to try new drinks and to see that different gins actually taste different and are used for different occasions. The same goes for most liquors. They are different and unique in their own way. I hope that people walk away and think, I’ll have to try this or that next time.

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